How to get initiated into ifa

Sep 02, 2019 · When Should You Get Initiated Into Palo Mayombe Santeria Ifa or Voodoo Does The Law of Karma Apply To Palo Mayombe Black Magic Santeria Ifa Voodoo Should You Get Initiated or Do Your Own Jul 29, 2008 · The path of initiation in Ifa: Lucumi and Traditional Yoruba Aboru aboye aboshishe, After a few conversations including a longer one with my Oluwo in Nigeria, I thought that it would be quite useful to post my understanding of the processes of initiation into Ifa for both Lucumi/santeria Ifa practitioners and traditional Yoruba Ifa practitioners. Awa te o nifa o K’o o tunra e te Tite la t Not all people who practice Santería have been initiated into the religion. Aug 08, 2014 · I’ve known Leosnel Aguilar Padron for more than ten years. Gather and discuss this spiritual system and way of  During the last decade we have initiated hundreds of sincere individuals into the various paths of Ifa. I am not formally initiated into Ifa nor have I been trained as an Ifa  3 Jan 2018 Spike Lee reimagining She's Gotta Have It as a series on Netflix was all we " And when I was 23 or 24, I met a Babalao, a priest of Ifá, and fell in love with him. If a solution is found, the adherent is drawn deeper into the system of belief. ​. (A practicing Priest). (a popular  22 Oct 2009 During a spiritual reading, lesser deities have told Merced that for Nevarez to be healed, she must become a priestess. I am blessed to share this journey with those that are on 26 Aug 2018 Should White People Be Allowed To Initiate Into Voodoo and Ifa? w/ Olabisi Orunmila and Socrates: What do they have in common? 25 Jul 2007 Panelists discuss what led them to Ifa and initiation. internet I found Ifa Foundation with Phil and Vassa, I went on their retreat to have my ori I was truly sad to be here in the planet, and always 3 Nov 2016 It is better for a person in the Diaspora to receive an initiation via proxy in Nigeria thru ethical and learned elders – if they cannot travel in person –  Traditionally, the Babalawo usually have additional professional specialities. Through coming to know ourselves and our personal ecology, we have the Being Initiated into Ifa opens a deep reciprocal relationship between you and the   Those interested people are bypassing getting initiated into the Cuban/Santeria belief system in the United States while exploring the meaning of Yorùbá  Initiation into Ifa and Orisa spirituality assists you in developing a deeper, preliminary step to initiation for those who want to receive the shrine of Ifa but are not  ORI-DESTINY - Receive your physical Ori and restore your Destiny! ORISA- ORISHA INITIATION - Initiation as a priest of Esu/Eleggua, Osun/Oshun, Yemonja ,  Individuals begin by spending a week or less getting initiated, with little or no programming allowing for free video contact almost everywhere in the world). 47 I had  9 Feb 2010 Don't get me wrong, I have no problem throwing money in the pot, even if I can't necessarioy afford to give up one penny, nevermind the $20 bill I  24 Oct 2019 Many people yearn to get initiated into Ifá and other Orisa. Many sacrifice huge amounts of time and resource in the process, and sometimes  31 May 2018 The usual order is Eshu Ifa, Ebori and then Icofa – basic Ifa initiation. Preliminarily you have to do Life-reading, where the energy of your life path is During the night the process of connecting sets off, and in the morning,  Corpus ID: 151834195. Jul 25, 2007 · Panelists discuss what led them to Ifa and initiation. But to tell folks to ignore the knowledge of those initiated into ifa,  5 Feb 2020 How a small town IFA initiated 153 SIPs in a single day. Trained from their youth in the rituals of divination, they are masters  4 May 2017 It was a “Odun Ifa” festival, or annual “Ifa” ceremony, during which traditional rites and ceremonies are performed… How did you get into African Spirituality? Ifawuyi: Well, I I was initiated into Orisa and Esu in my mid 20's. Panelists range from newcomers to a High Priestess in the religion, Oloriya Aina Olomo. Alexander to have been abducted and forcibly initiated into a snake cult. However, as I said before, Ifa is a guide. 6 Jun 2019 SIGN UP for the link to attend live oR get a link of the recording Culminating 18 years of study, practice and worship in the Orisa & Ifa tradition, Ifalade Georgia to receive Itefa initiation from the late, great Chief Kofi Zannu  boy, and for all of the feedback, suggestions, and criticism given to get this thing prepared for her odun ifa, or the anniversary of her initiation into Ifa. In Cuba, for example, most people, regardless of race, are familiar with some aspects of the religion and may occasionally seek out a Santero (priest) or Santera (priestess) for a consultation when they face a particular problem. Looking back, there have been about equal percentages of  In the Ifá oracle, for example, a trained priest, a babalawo (“father of the bembés, initiated devotees, now properly called olorishas—those who “have the   28 Feb 2017 Again, you don't have to be initiated to build a relationship with the orisha. I found out days after he’d gone through the ritual, and I found it so curious I decided to ask him some questions about it. In the initiation  Itefa & Itelodu Initiations/ High Priesthood in IFA & training in traditional Yoruba and to take the high priesthood initiation in IFA, the root of all Orisha religions. I never suspected he would one day become initiated to Santeria. However just as Awo, when you have been given Ifa initiation. Yoruba priests of ifa are known as babalawo ( fathers of secrets). Receiving Itefa and being an Aborisha is a very beautiful experience. Nov 11, 2017 · Answering questions about finding mentors and basic information to be aware of in your desire to practice. she may have assisted in receiving tutelary Orisa shrines and/or initiation into the a divining priestess of Ifa is hotly contested on the grounds that in the Ifa Odus   3 Feb 2020 Ifa is also a bastion in the little studied field of African esotericism. Over the years I have had the blessed opportunity, and amazing good fortune, and awe-inspiring, but it has profoundly impacted the way I live in the world. Jan 23, 2019 · Getting initiated to Ifa is a very big protection for many things, which I will explain soon. Side Note: The only time a child would be initiated earlier is if Ifa predicts death or serious sickness for the child if they are not initiated early. Spiritual Journeys: A Study of Ifá /Òrìṣà Practitioners in the United States Initiated by Nigeria. Feb 09, 2010 · We have initiated you into the secrets of Ifa You should re-initiate yourself This was how Eji Ogbe was initiated But he plunged himself into the forest We have initiated you into the secrets of Ifa You should re-initiate yourself If you get to the top of the palm tree Do not let your hands loose. their breakup, wanting to sink her teeth into the practice on her own terms. This is basically a guide for all men and women who want to be initiated into the Yoruba religion. Once a person is initiated into Ifa, they have the choice to become a Babalawo or Iyanifa. Chakradharpur IFA Nitesh Bhageria gifts his wife who has ventured recently into the advisory on Cafemutual on how IFAs have executed SIP drives successfully. Initiate yourself   Out of this emerged the need to re-introduce Ifa initiation in Brazil, because Brazil doesn't teach Bàbálawos nowadays, it might have been in the past, but now it  Ifa; Orisha; Yoruba; Ogun; Osun; Nigeria; African Religion and Spirituality. @inproceedings{Meer2017SpiritualJA  Photo by John Pemberton III. Meet other local people who are interested in Ifa, the wisdom system of the Yoruba culture in Western Africa. The best age to initiate someone into Ifa is between the ages of 7 to 11. 22 Sep 2015 He was initiated into Ifá, Ọbàtálá and Egúngún in Nigeria and is living and Moussa: Nathan, how did you get involved into the world of the  27 Oct 2002 This time, to initiate another person into Ifa, a process known as Itefa, have been excluded or ignored in their guest to initiate others into the  The Ori Initiation. so of course for me that was a big deal because I'm not yet initiated. Getting initiated to an Orisha, on the other hand, is like having your personal guardian angel support your destiny. When I arrived at his house, I found him in the company of his Oyirbona, Ambar del Carmen, the person who must be present at all of the Aug 24, 2019 · This is a brief summary of what it is like to be Initiated into Ifa. We all have the right to receive Ifa; with Ifa we correct the defect   Taking into account the role of divination in «calling» neophytes, it is shown that 22We have so far characterised Ifá initiation as an unfolding accumulation of  We see this play out in particular within Electric Santería's analysis of the contentious debates that have arisen surrounding female initiation into Ifá, the Yoruba  la (1997, 87), female Ifá priests are not the same as male priests because they do not have access to Orisha Odu, a deity that allows one to initiate other priests. . how to get initiated into ifa

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